Which Zodiac Sign is the Smartest?


This clever Air sign is characterized by unconventional thinking and street smarts.

Aquarians are naturally detached, analytical thinkers with a bird's-eye vision. 

Similar to Aquarius, Scorpio has a keen intellect. Even while emotion and intuition play a larger part for Scorpio,


their cognitive talents, such as analytical and inquisitive thinking, remain strong qualities.

According to scientific research, children born in June have the highest IQs.


Geminis have exceptionally intelligent minds. They are thinkers in the most fundamental sense. 

This zodiac sign has the most grounded and practical intelligence.


They are unrelenting in their efforts to conceal any deficiencies by purposeful, persistent effort.

Mercury represents intellect, knowledge, intelligence, and communication. 


Virgo The intellect of individuals is revealed in their attention to detail. 

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