The Dullest Zodiac Sign


They are easily detached, so you feel that the connections are dull and unimportant.

Not necessarily because they are dull, but because they value their solitude, they may push you away and leave you wanting more.

Libras strive for harmony and delight in pleasing others. 


Since they thrive on pleasing others, they may lose sight of their own identity on occasion.

Virgo is the most detail-oriented sign, and their approach to life reflects this.


They're a mutable sign, which means they're adaptable, but they thrive on routine.

They are grounded and logical, as well as goal-oriented and focused on advancement.


Capricorn has no problem putting work before everything else.

Pisces are also easily overwhelmed in a crowd, and after a while they simply want to leave.


"Their inability to connect with others renders them dull."

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