Never Date This Zodiac Sign


Your partner must also be willing, to be honest about their own emotions,

which is why Virgo is the moon sign you should avoid in a romantic relationship.

In a love connection, you must feel profound comfort and safety from your spouse.


You need solid proof that you are not the only one falling when you fall in love, which is why Sagittarius moons are not the best moon sign to fall in love with!

In a relationship, you need someone who can debate, joke,


and laugh with you through life's ups and downs; therefore, a Pisces moon is not the best choice!

Cancer moons are emotional and affable individuals who enjoy nurturing and caring for their loved ones. 


You need a mate who appreciates the beautiful and sentimental aspects of everyday life just as much as you do.

If there is one thing a Leo loves most in life, it loves itself.


The purpose of your life is to pursue your passions, so when you love someone, you want to proclaim it from the rooftops.

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