Most Arrogant Zodiac Sign


Conversing with strangers, and making others feel at ease in social circumstances.

Occasionally, however, their desire to be everyone's greatest friend can cause them to overlook certain courtesies.


Aquarius individuals are also aware of their intelligence and want others to recognize it as well.

They are passionate about their causes, but if others do not join them, their fervor will wane. 


They say that ignorance cultivates the worst form of arrogance.

This sign is continually self-absorbed, making it difficult to understand the perspectives of others.


Among other characteristics, Virgos are known for their urge to be correct. 

If a Virgo is not always correct, they feel like they have failed.


Leos are extroverted attention-seekers who tend to dominate the spotlight. 

A Leo will not even speak to you if they believe you are beneath them. 

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