Mentally Weak Zodiac Signs 


Cancer is ruled by the moon, and the phases of the moon have a significant impact on anyone born under this sign.

Their dispositions can change radically, careening wildly from one pole to the other. 

They may be euphoric and wonderful one day, and then the next they could be outraged, miserable, and crying over nothing.

A Libran is the prototypical example of a person who strives for equilibrium.


As a consequence of this, if they are no longer in a state of equilibrium, their mental condition may begin to deteriorate. 

As soon as they are abused, their mental health quickly deteriorates.


They are passionate people who have a powerful capacity for experiencing significant emotions.

Whenever there is a change in their demeanor, there is a good chance that they will become extremely emotionally vulnerable.


They are, however, able to rapidly return to their cheerful mood since they are able to,

express their sentiments through various forms of dancing, culture, and the arts.

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