Least to most sensitive zodiac signs


Those born under this sign are frequently exceedingly self-reliant and confident.

They enjoy taking command of circumstances and doing things alone.

These people are optimistic and laid-back by nature. They do not overthink or take things too seriously.


Sagittarians are independent and daring, thus they dislike being restrained or controlled. 

Geminis are smart and analytical, but not too emotional.


They are not the most sensitive sign since they are able to adjust to any circumstance. 

Capricorns are ultimately insensitive to the feelings of others.


They are more diligent and determined. Nonetheless, this does not imply that Capricorns are emotionless.

They do not require somebody to worry about them or look out for them.


Their sensitivity typically pertains to large-scale matters, such as the state of the world or global issues.

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