Emotionally Empty Zodiac Signs


Capricorn, who seems to be unmovable and unwavering, will trick you.

They shut down in a matter of seconds whenever they are put under emotional duress.


As a result, they have learnt how to deal by being emotionally distant.

Aquarius should be added to the list of zodiac signs that are emotionally empty because of this reason.


When it comes to the Scorpion being the sign most likely to emotionally deaden themselves.

Becoming emotionally dead requires even less work than we imagine it does.


If you are as headstrong as an Aries, you also need to retain that level-headed demeanor.

And you understand when to prove to the world that you are dying on the inside.


Your bullshit to the point that they have mentally fled the arena in order to get far with you.

This is because Taureans are stubborn and stubborn people don't want to be told what to do. 

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