Foods That Burn Belly Fat


Eggs are one of the best protein sources. It satisfies and contains fewer calories than fats and carbs.

Eating eggs regularly can keep you full, help you eat less, and scorch abdominal fat.


Avocados reduce abdominal obesity in women, according to research.

Visceral fat, the deeper belly fat that's difficult to target, decreased in women who ate avocados daily.

Hot Peppers

Add spicy peppers to your supermarket cart next time. They help Mitri lose abdominal fat.

Hot peppers include a chemical called capsaicin that suppresses hunger and can help your body burn more fat.


Kale is among top weight loss superfoods, kale eaters lost more weight.

Kale is highly nutritious, naturally low in calories, and incredibly full.


Finally, to lose belly fat, eat more berries. 

Atrawberries, blackberries, and blueberries may affect fat-burning and storage genes.

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