12 Greatest Dishes of American food

1. Key lime pie

If life gives you limes, prepare Key lime pie instead of limeade. This spunky tart, the official state pie of Florida, 

 They added flour and spice to the mush and formed it into little tots before placing them on the market. 

2. Tater tots

3. San Francisco sourdough bread

In the past, miners and settlers carried sourdough starter (more trustworthy.

Cobb salad, originally created with leftovers, is today one of America's most popular appetizers.

4. Cobb salad

5. Pot roast

The Sunday family supper of baby boomers everywhere, pot roast holds a sentimental place 

As if they weren't already absurdly delicious, the Texas State Fair began the trend of deep-frying them.

6. Twinkies

 7. Jerky

Jerky is a favorite high-protein snack of backpackers, road trippers, and snackers. 

Consider several vaqueros working on the range and the animals butchered for their sustenance. 

8. Fajitas


9. Banana split

They sliced a banana lengthwise and placed it in a long boat-shaped dish.

Grind corn coarsely to make grits; soak maize kernels in alkali to make hominy (which we encourage you to cook up into posole). 

10. Cornbread

make careful to keep in a bear-resistant container, as suspending a nylon sack from a tree branch will not suffice.

11. GORP

You'll have a blast in the bayou, regardless of the color or hidden ingredients.

12. Jambalaya

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