Zodiac Signs Make The Best Bridesmaids

Palm Lines

Aries bridesmaids know how to party, have fun, and boost your confidence.


When wedding preparations, having one of these fire signs is like having your own cheerleader and hype person.

Mars rules these high-energy people, so they'll eagerly take action and rouse your bridal party when needed.

Tauruses, fixed earth signs, are trustworthy, making them good bridesmaids.


The cosmic bull will always be there for you and calmly react to your frantic texts, no matter the time.

These elegant earth babies are ruled by Venus, the sensuous and indulgent planet, so they may help design a great wedding food.

Virgo bridesmaids are organized, down-to-earth, and calm in pandemonium.


They're great bridesmaids because they can adapt their plans and fill in the gaps without a hitch.

Libra bridesmaids are charming and socially adept.


Libras are natural mediators and can swiftly resolve problems between friends or family members so you don't have to.

Libras, controlled by Venus, have exceptional taste, so ask your Libran bridesmaid for advice on bridesmaid dresses

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