Zodiac Sign-Specific Bedroom Colors

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Aries: Ruby Red

Red, your power color, is the best choice for your boudoir because it complements your bold and vibrant personality.

Taurus: Forest Green

This color is green ideal for the earth sign, but it will also stimulate their Venusian lust for life.

Gemini: White

White walls are the best option for your wild imagination, despite the fact that this may initially sound a bit dull. 

Cancer: Lavender

Your bedroom should be decorated in a calming and relaxing shade of light purple. 

Leo: Gold

Orange and gold are optimal colors for Leo, who represents the sun.

Virgo: Cream

When choosing anything in life, you do not consider what is fashionable. 

Corner of a bedroom with a baby pink velvet bed adorned with a blanket, pillows, and a pink floor lamp, with a two-tone pink wall in the background.

Libra: Light Pink

Scorpio: Jet Black

A pitch-black chamber is ideal for blocking out negative thoughts and emotions.

A lamp on a wooden table in a large violet bedroom with dark-purple furnishings

Sagittarius: Purple

Capricorn: Slate Gray

Gray is the perfect color for Capricorns to reflect, study, and find their place in the world.

Aquarius: Soft Blue

Aquarius, as the oddball of the zodiac, most people would anticipate that you would paint your chamber an unusual color. 

Pisces: Sea Foam Green

A very light sea foam green will remind Pisces of their favorite place on earth—the sea.

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