What You Need In A Romantic Partner

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A prevalent misperception about you is that you desire a subservient spouse since you are more dominant.

You desire someone who will challenge you and keep up with you, as opposed to someone who will simply cater to your every whim.


You prefer to cautiously approach your sentiments. Neither can you be rushed through it. 

Developing solid friendships is essential to you. You are seeking someone that is highly reliable and secure.


Someone who is not overly sensitive is required. Others may find your nature perplexing.

Your ideal partner is someone who is smart and adventurous. You're delighted by the prospect of someone with whom you can have endless experiences.


You definitely appreciate romance. You desire someone to pursue you and make you feel unique.

Similarly, you place a high value on honesty. You need someone eager to affirm their love and dedication. 


One of the nice things about you is your self-assurance and confidence. You have always known what you want and never hesitate to express it.

You desire that your partner actively demonstrate their affection for you, whether through physical deeds or verbal confirmation.

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