What Fruit You Should Eat Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius: Persimmon

Aquarians can relate to this uncommon fruit because they take pride in being unique and enigmatic. 

Pisces: Papaya

As papayas are full of antioxidants, so are Pisces full of visions. Papayas promote cardiovascular and digestive health. 

Aries: Orange

Oranges contain 130 percent of the daily value for vitamin C, allowing you to maintain good health .

Taurus: Mango

As with the mango, Taureans frequently conceal their true emotions behind a reticent exterior. 


Gemini are as multifaceted as the pineapple. They enjoy being well-rounded and are constantly seeking out new experiences.

Cancer: Peach

Like you, the peach is soft on the inside and out, making it an excellent consolation food.

The grapefruit is an energizing and refreshing pick-me-up for the busy Leo, as well as a remedy for fatigue.

Leo: Grapefruit

Virgo: Lychee

The Virgo is thoughtful and creative, with a strong moral compass and selfless tendencies.

The watermelon is well-balanced, just like you, as it is composed of 92% water and electrolytes.

Libra: Watermelon

Scorpio: Passionfruit

Scorpios are passionate, resilient, and ambitious. Like you, one of the passion fruit's finest qualities is its intense flavor. 

Sagittarius: Guava

The guava is the ideal fruit for the active Sagittarius, as it helps you maintain your energy.

Capricorn: Dragonfruit

Capricorns are ambitious and high-achieving, and their exterior is as robust as the dragon fruit. 

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