Top Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

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What are your hopes and dreams?

Our dreams and ideals define us. They constitute our identity. We intentionally construct a life that supports our dreams in order to develop into the individuals we aspire to become. 

How does your family of origin trigger you?

Our families can instantly cause us to emotionally disintegrate or regress to adolescent anxiety, regardless of how stable and "together" we believe we are. 

What are your core values, and how do they affect your life choices?

The way we prioritize our lives is determined by core values such as adventure, creativity, and a healthful lifestyle. 

How can someone best assist you when you are feeling down?

Your partner will occasionally experience sadness, tension, overwhelm, and depression.

What are your relationship dealbreakers?

If you're contemplating marriage, it's likely that your relationship has progressed far without any deal-breakers. 

What is your love language (to receive)?

You're likely madly in love with your partner, and you want them to experience all the affection you have in store for them throughout the years.

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