The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Break Your Heart

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1. Scorpio

This is fantastic if you are in a committed relationship , but it can be misleading .


When they realize you weren't truly destined to be together and walk away.

2. Aquarius

 Aquarians prioritize their independence over the art of relationships.


Aquarius, say  that did something to hurt you, you'll likely be greeted with a stoicism.

3. Sagittarius

This desire for independence leaves little space for a long-term relationship. 


Sagittarius is not the most empathetic sign, as they frequently put their own requirements before those of their partner.

4. Aries

Aries, the zodiac's most ferocious sign, "are more interested in the pursuit than the conquest.


Aries becomes bored with a relationship that is too calm Aries becomes bored with a relationship that is too calm

5. Pisces

Despite the fact that they may be showering you with classic fairy-tale devotion.


Their passive-aggressive behavior stems from a place of fear, where they deeply experience their emotions.

6. Gemini

Geminis are continually seeking new experiences because they enjoy variety.


Geminis are also extremely inquisitive and can be easily captivated by a new companion.

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