The Worst Zodiac Sign to Get Attached To

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1. Leo

Leos savor the sensation of being in love and have a tendency to go to extremes while expressing their admiration for the person.


Leo as a "proud, assertive, and no-nonsense sign.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios have the potential to become "master manipulators" at their most extreme. 


They are also quite secretive, which makes it difficult.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius to believe that they would be happier without you than with you, they will leave.

4. Aries

They will find something or someone new to play with very quickly after.


Aries will leave you behind and won't turn back to verify you're all right because they are dominated.

5. Gemini

They spend their entire lives jumping from topic to topic in conversation.


Even if they have the best of intentions, this can be a lot for a spouse to take.

6. Sagittarius

hey have no idea what it's like to be lonely.


This also relates to one's interpersonal interactions. "They have no fear of being lonely.


If you wish to share the bill with someone but they are a Taurus, you should exercise extreme caution.

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