The Thanksgiving Dish Your Zodiac Sign Should Bring

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1. Aries: Roasted Veggies

There's a good chance contribute to the table, given that Aries are known for their leadership skills.

2. Taurus: Mashed Potatoes

Taurus is also the self-proclaimed gourmand of the zodiac, so Thanksgiving is the ideal time to demonstrate your culinary prowess and impress everyone. 

3. Gemini: Green Bean Casserole

Splash with your side dish this year by bringing the classic green bean casserole to whatever party.

4. Cancer: Sweet Potato Casserole

There are several methods to prepare a sweet potato casserole, but it is always as sweet as you, Cancer.

5. Leo: Hors d'Oeuvres

Therefore, you will be perfectly content to bring a plate of delectable appetizers to pass around.

6. Virgo: Homemade Stuffing

You have precise procedures for everything, and your stuffing mixture will be added to that list.

These holiday pies are the most beautiful desserts your social media has ever seen.

7. Libra: Fresh Baked Pie

8. Scorpio: Spirits and Ciders

People will feel so at ease and relaxed around you that they will divulge the latest tea for your ears only.

Therefore, do yourself a favor and avoid making complicated side dishes or desserts.

9. Sagittarius: Dinner Rolls

10. Capricorn: Mac and Cheese

While others would be petrified of botching the mac and cheese, you know all the tricks.

11. Aquarius: Meatless Entrée

You can reminisce about the original Thanksgiving while sharing vegetarian breaded meat with your family and friends

12. Pisces: Cranberry Sauce

You are responsible for bringing this sweet delicacy to the Thanksgiving table, Pisces, because you value the overlooked.

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