The Rug Style That’s Right For Your Zodiac Sign

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A hand-woven rug with an unusual pattern and an abstract design would be an ideal addition to their space.

Aquarius : Unique and Sustainable

Pisces : Bohemian and Whimsical

Pisces enjoy adorning their homes with ethereal and reassuring aesthetics, so it's no surprise that your rug style leans in the same direction.

Aries : Bright and Bold

You're as brazen as they come, so it's only natural that your decor choices reflect this. 

Taurus : Comfortable and Stylish

Taureans are obsessed with items that make a statement without being overpowering. 

Gemini : Reversible and Playful

Geminis enjoy displaying their personal flair in their homes and enjoy mixing things up on occasion. 

Cancer : Braided and Cozy

Cancers are drawn to comfortable, homemade concepts that have a personalized feel.

A show-stopping and trend-setting interior featuring layered area rugs.

Leo : Showstopping and Trendsetting

Virgo: Crisp and Clean

Most people wouldn't choose a white rug for their residences due to its propensity to attract dirt.

You want your home to exude a welcoming, cozy ambiance, and your aesthetic sensibilities heavily influence your design decisions.

Libra : Floral and Friendly

Scorpio : Dark and Vintage

While others may hesitate away from black hues in interior design, black is your power color, so embrace it.

Sagittarius : Authentic and Adventurous

particularly when you are unable to travel as frequently as you would like. 

Capricorn : Neutral and Natural

Neutral and Natural natural fiber carpet in the living room.

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