The Quietest Zodiac Signs

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They also enjoy anticipating any questions or remarks that others may have once they begin speaking. 

In fact, by the time these individuals are ready to share their information with others, they are frequently unable to articulate their thoughts.


Although Capricorns have excellent leadership abilities, they are perfectionists in the sense that they will not speak until their words are well-organized and easy to comprehend.

That is, until they organize their thoughts and overcome their fear of speaking out on a particular subject.


Scorpios value their privacy and loathe divulging their secrets to those they do not know well enough to fully trust.

They are not necessarily shy; they simply do not trust everyone to keep their confidence. Therefore, they typically do not speak much when they are in a crowd.


Taureans are profound thinkers, and as a result, they will spend a great deal of time contemplating their words before uttering them.

If they are contemplating a problem, it remains in their brains until they feel as though they have resolved it. This can take a very long period at times.

The intriguing thing about Virgos is that, despite their often-quiet demeanor, they are always studying everything that is occurring around them.


They are not only attentive to everything that is occurring, but they are also considering how they will use the information when it is their turn to speak. 

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