The Most Stressed Zodiac Sign

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Libras appear calm, yet tension can overwhelm them. Libra strives to make everyone happy, but it's sometimes impossible.

They often lose themselves striving to please others, which might add to their own troubles.


Sagittarius loves huge ideas and dreams. After all, Jupiter rules development and expansion.

Fire signs are passionate and restless, so any downtime might cause conflict.


Geminis overthink nine times out of ten. To participate in every discourse, these people move faster than others.

They're social and can be unreasonable when they think people don't like them.


Virgo, like Gemini, overthinks and obsesses over small matters. Anxious people can't stop once they start spiraling.

They are realistic and grounded, but perfectionist and stubborn.


Water signs may take on others' worries. They wish to help others but occasionally neglect themselves.

They must moderate their emotions and thinking to regain equilibrium. Pisces can't manage too much tension, and it'll affect their daily lives.


Capricorns are the most stressed zodiac sign because they work till their gasoline level drops below E, then work again.

Earth signs need breaks, but good luck slowing them down. If success lies ahead, they'll keep stressing.

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