The Most Patient Zodiac Signs

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Taurus enjoys life like the Alicia Keys song on repeat or their nightly Cherry Garcia. Earth signs are realistic and grounded.

They know a wrong coffee order won't kill them.

Mellow Taurus asks for a new cup instead of stressing over their time at the café or badgering an unwitting barista.


Empathic Pisces understands others' secret problems. Fish probe deeper emotions.

Pisces is kind to slow-moving cars. The driver may be a conscientious parent bringing their newborn home from the hospital.

A potter taking 20 hand-sculpted ceramic vases to an art show. Pisceans can put others first. Remember our connection?


Capricorns are wise, harsh fathers. Mature leaders control their emotions. 

So, a difficult circumstance like a 30-minute dentist wait won't get them down.

Capricorn will struggle to reach an objective, like leaving the building with a clean smile. Self-disciplined Caps can handle patience.

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