The Moodiest Zodiac Sign

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1. Virgo

They frequently analyze a situation and become agitated without letting others know what's troubling them. 


Once they determine that something is wrong, they will occasionally point it out, leaving others to ponder why they changed their minds so quickly. 

2. Libra

If Libras feel that someone has wronged them, this air sign is not afraid to express their feelings. 


This type of fluctuation can be difficult to follow, leaving other signs uncertain as to which side Libra is on or what position they're taking on a particular issue.

3. Aries

 They are quite abrasive when they know what they want and poorly equipped to manage emotional situations.


When they don't get their way, these natural leaders may appear imposing and intense.

They harbor grudges and frequently isolate others or give the cold shoulder without explanation.

4. Scorpio


They always have something bubbling beneath the surface.

Pisces behave like receptacles that absorb the energy of others. Therefore, if someone around them becomes emotional, they are likely to do so as well.

5. Pisces


 if they believe they are not being particularly evident, everyone can tell when they are becoming depressed.

6. Cancer

Once a Cancer learns how to control their emotions, they will become less moody.


Cancer experiences every emotion in its purest form.

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