The Best Baby Girl Names for Every Zodiac Sign

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 Aquarius: Eleanor

The traditional girl's name Eleanor combines femininity, strength, and crucial leadership qualities.

The melodious moniker Charisma is ideal for a Pisces who enjoys music. Its meaning, blessing.

Pisces: Charisma

 Aries : Chloe

Chloe is the agricultural goddess, and her name means fresh blossoming.

 Jemima, whose meaning is "dove"  the universal symbol of peace is a suitable name for your harmonious Taurus daughter.

Taurus : Jemima

Gemini : Cheyenne

The number of self-expression. If your Gemini infant has Native American ancestry, Cheyenne is a beautiful name option.

 Due to the fact that Cancer is governed by the moon, Luna (which literally means "the moon") is a beautiful girl's name.

Cancer : Luna

Leo : Leonie

Leos desire the limelight. Grant states that they cannot receive enough recognition. Your Leo lady is also courageous, vivacious, devoted, and kind. 

 For a Virgo girl, Graciela literally means "virtue" and is a more unusual, contemporary variant of the traditional yet elegant Grace.

Virgo : Graciela

Libra : Lyra

The name Lyra is ideal for a Libra girl because it is gentle and musical. It is of Greek origin and signifies "lyre," a medieval stringed instrument.

 You create a force field of affection and protection around your Scorpio daughter by naming her Haven.

Scorpio : Haven

Capricorn : Natalie

Natalie is a very powerful name that is ideal for the zodiac sign of the goat, who is methodically climbing that hill to accomplish her goals and dreams.

A Sagittarius woman has all the strength and resolve necessary to realize her highly idealistic ideals. She is also highly expressive, sensitive, and inventive.

Sagittarius : Arianna

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