The Best Baby Boy Names for Every Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius : Micah

The Aquarius youngster will likely rise above the competition. This makes Micah, whose name means "one resembling the Almighty," an ideal candidate.

Austin, whose meaning is "magical dignity," is the most suitable name for a Pisces boy, who exudes enchantment and profound inner fortitude.

Pisces  : Austin

Aries : Liam

Consider Liam the Rhino a catchy moniker? Liam, which means "warrior," is an excellent choice for a zodiac sign known for its fortitude.

He wishes everyone to prosper, but he must take the lead." Holden, which means "grateful," meets all of these criteria.

Taurus : Holden

Gemini : Omari

Cheyenne's equivalent for a Gemini boy could be Omari, a Hebrew name that means "speaker or chief" and is delightfully melodic and easy to say.

Granger is the ideal ethereal moniker for a Cancerian male. "People born under this sign are frequently highly sensitive, artistic, and compassionate.

Cancer : Granger

Leo : Roddrick

Grant believes that the name Roddrick, which means "famous ruler," is more distinctive than the apparent Leo.

Milo means merciful and compassionate, two beautiful traits for any baby boy, but especially appropriate for a Virgo boy who is both merciful and compassionate

Virgo : Milo

Libra : Lennon

Lennon, a surname with Gaelic origins that means "lover" or "dear one," is a popular choice for Libra boys.

The name Xander suggests a romantic soul who is courageous enough to stand up for what he believes is right if someone attempts to interfere.

Scorpio : Xander

Sagittarius : Isaac

Isaac, which means "laughter," is an excellent name for a Sagittarius boy who is known for his sense of humor, is a natural entertaine.

 A dependable and trustworthy Capricorn boy requires a name that conveys responsibility and dependability, such as Jasper, which means "treasurer."

Capricorn : Jasper

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