Safe Islands in the Caribbean in 2023

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St. Barts

This is mostly due to the fact that St. Barts is virtually completely built to accommodate high-income tourists.

Anguilla, like St. Barts, is a relatively expensive Caribbean vacation.


The Cayman Islands

Due to the absence of guns, the three Cayman Islands are among the most secure in the Caribbean Sea.

When visiting the Virgin Islands, women who wish to avoid this issue may wish to travel in a group. 

The Virgin Islands

St. Lucia

People should avoid visiting St. Lucia in the late summer and fall, particularly from August to November.

Long pier boardwalk in Martinique Anse d'Arlet is one of the Caribbean's safest islands.



As a British territory, Montserrat is one of the most popular Caribbean locations for English-speakers. 

Similar to many other Caribbean countries on our list, petty thievery poses the greatest concern to tourists staying in Grenada.


Turks and Caicos

The British territory of Turks and Caicos is comprised of forty tiny islands, the majority of which are composed of ancient coral relics.

It is recommended that travellers take normal safety precautions, such as not travelling alone at night.


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