Reduce Belly Fat? Consume These 10 Green Foods

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4. Brussels sprouts

4. Brussels sprouts

4. Brussels sprouts

1. Leafy greens

They are recommended by both dietitians because they are high in fiber.

2. Avocado

Enright also states that they are an excellent diet for weight loss due to their high fiber.

3. Broccoli

In this regard, broccoli is an example of a non-starchy vegetable.

4. Brussels sprouts

Another example of a non-starchy green vegetable associated with weight loss is Brussels sprouts.

They do not need to replace pasta entirely; both agree that creating a dish with half zucchini .

5. Zucchini

6. Celery

One cup of sliced celery contains only 14 calories and is rich in fiber. 

7. Kiwi

Fruit can absolutely be incorporated into a diet for weight loss. When the objective is weight loss.

8. Grapes

If you have a sweet tooth, a handful of grapes can be a nutritious and calorie-conscious method.

9. Edamame

Prioritizing protein and fiber is essential if you want to lose weight in a healthful manner.

10. Cilantro, basil and other green herbs

However, it is essential to consume a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. 

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