Pet You Should Adopt, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Aries: Big Dog

Dogs are either man's best friend or Aries' best companion. A dog would be one of the few companions that could match Aries' quick and active lifestyle

2. Taurus: Adopt a Rabbit

A rabbit is the ideal companion for a Taurus, as it is friendly, endearing, and can be petted all day long. 

3. Gemini: Adopt a Bird

As birds are exceptionally intelligent, Gemini could even teach their pet to perform feats or repeat specific phrases. 

4. Cancer: Adopt a Hermit Crab

it's virtually impossible to imagine a better pet for Cancer than a cute crustacean! Hermit crabs, freshwater crabs.

5. Leo: Adopt a Cat

Cats are known for their large personalities, chattering, and head-butting, making them an ideal companion for Leo. 

6. Virgo: Adopt a Fish

No other sign of the zodiac could be a better fish parent than Virgo. This would ensure that Virgo would be on top of sustaining a beautiful.

A small (and possibly designer) canine breed is likely to be Libra's best match, given that they enjoy having a pet that enhances their appearance. 

7. Libra: Adopt a Small Dog

8. Scorpio: Adopt a Reptile

The enigmatic Scorpio should have an edgier pet, preferably one that reflects his intense and transformative nature!

Can anyone else envision Sagittarius riding a stallion into the sunset, or is it just me? A horse would be a suitable companion for this fire sign. 

9. Sagittarius: Adopt a Horse

10. Capricorn: Adopt a Hedgehog

The phrase "prickly but adorable" perfectly describes Capricorn and their pet hedgehog! Similar to a hedgehog, Capricorn can have a rugged exterior that conceals a softer interior. 

11. Aquarius: Adopt an Insect.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign that is drawn to insects, arthropods, and spiders. Most zodiac signs prefer a furry companion or a gorgeous aquarium. 

12. Pisces: Adopt a Guinea Pig

As an animal lover, Pisces may have difficulty selecting a companion!

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