Most Messiest Zodiac Sign

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1. Cancer

They have difficulty letting go of anything associated with their memories.

 As a result of people's tendency to keep memories nearby, messes develop over time.

2. Aries

 It's not that they dislike cleaning; they simply let it fall by the wayside.

Aries is too occupied to truly care about cleaning. These extroverted individuals would much.

3. Virgo

When one thinks about a Virgo, qualities such as intelligence, pragmatism, and reasoning are likely to come to mind.

These extroverted individuals would much rather be out on the town than engaged in spring cleaning.

4. Gemini

Geminis are likely to be planning their weekend social schedule.

Gemini is so hyper-focused on socializing, they are frequently distracted by conversations with friends. 

5. Aquarius

If you ask an Aquarius to do the dishes, they may disappear into a book or give a lengthy speech to avoid the chore. 

Aquarius "has greater concerns than where this sock should go or whether the stack of books.

Pisces are known as "the dreamers of the zodiac," which can lead to a little bit of chaos due to their lack of practicality.

6. Pisces

They would rather be lost in thought than cleaning.

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