Most Loyal Zodiac Signs

This air sign is the one most often associated with marriage among all zodiac signs. 


Air signs have difficulty with illusions, and so does Libra. In an insecure relationship, a person's imagination can run amok.


If formed securely, the bonds of Taurus are strong and impenetrable.

However, the stability of a relationship with Taurus does not preclude its instability.


When Scorpios fall in love, they do so with great intensity. As a fixed water sign, Scorpios are emotional by nature.

It is impossible for them to absorb the essence of their lightness. 


Leos defend their partners and friends with the same ferocity with which they defend themselves. 

Leos will stand by your side regardless of the circumstances and will fiercely oppose anyone who has ever, ever wronged you.


Capricorns are dependable and diligent partners who require a long-term commitment to feel fulfilled in a relationship.

If a Capricorn commits to you, you can be certain of a long-term relationship.

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