Most Iconic National Park Birds

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Great Blue Heron

One of America's most gorgeous marsh birds is the great blue heron.

Blue Jay

The common blue jay is one of the most famous birds in America. 

Northern Cardinal

Northern cardinal males wear crimson cloaks like Roman Catholic cardinals.

Burrowing Owl

The burrowing owl North America's smallest, is exceptional in many ways. This diurnal owl is active during the day.


The "snakebird" anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) is one of the most remarkable national park birds in America.

Common Loon

After the howl of a wolf, the call of a loon may be the second-most "feral" sound in North America.

Horned Puffin

Horned puffins are fish-eating coastal birds known for their huge yellow-orange-and-red beaks.

California Condor

After decades of poisoning and habitat destruction, there were less than 30 California condors left in the wild by the mid-1980s.

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