Most Fearless Zodiac Signs Ranked

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12. Cancer 

As a highly emotional sign, they often refrain from engaging in hazardous behavior out of fear of what might occur, regardless of how unlikely it is.

Capricorn is not risk-taking. They evaluate all the minute details, consider the pros and cons, and choose the optimal course of action.

11. Capricorn

When it comes to major decisions, they continue to defer to others despite being intelligent and intriguing.

10. Libra

9. Pisces

Pisces is fearless when it comes to meeting new people and entering their lives. They are not hesitant to discuss any topic with anyone.

Taurus is skilled at calculating dangers. They can calculate risk and reward and determine whether taking a risk is worthwhile.

8. Taurus 

They enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with taking risks, such as jumping out of an aircraft or approaching a celebrity.

7. Sagittarius

Gemini lives in the present more than any other sign and has difficulty imagining the future.

6. Gemini

However, if you ask them to abandon everything, relocate to the opposite side of the globe, and begin from zero, they will do so without fear of failure.

5. Virgo 

4. Aquarius 

They believe they are more intelligent than everyone else and can see the game's tactics that everyone else misses. 

However, Scorpio is courageous because of these characteristics, not despite them. 

3. Scorpio 

This includes daily activities such as bungee jumping and life choices such as investing their life assets in their own business.

2. Leo

1. Aries 

They are determined to achieve big in life, and they are aware that this requires taking big risks.

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