Most Dangerous Legal Exotic Pets

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Crocodile Monitor

Similar to Komodo dragons, monitors' saliva is densely packed with bacteria that can cause severe infectious reactions.

Alligators may attack humans defensively, although humans are not their primary food. 


Zoonotic PathogensThe'safest' monkeys are captive-bred, segregated from other monkeys in pet-owning conditions.

Old World Monkeys

The issue with having a huge snake, or any snake, is that they are superb escape artists.

Large Constrictor Snakes

Wolves, like lions, are natural pack animals that respond positively to submissive positions in the social order. 


Elephants are rarely kept privately by individuals who are not circus professionals or other exhibitionists.


Many venomous snakes are just as aggressive as the most unruly rat snakes.

Venomous Snakes

Leopards are the most hazardous of the large cats because they are asocial, adaptive, and exceptionally powerful.

Big Cats

Because of their intelligence, dexterity, and omnivorous, opportunistic nature, bears are ranked before big cats.


They typically attack by biting off body parts, like as noses, fingers, etc., and love "playing" with people while preventing them from fleeing. 


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