Most Common Birds in the United States 

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Mourning Dove 

Sizeable than the American Robin. Somewhat more diminutive than the domestic city pigeon. 

The Northern Cardinal is the most prevalent winter bird in the United States.

Northern Cardinal 

Worms and other invertebrates in the lawn are the preferred food and food source for this species. 

American Robin

Fluffy with a huge, crested head and a lengthy tail. Big powerful legs. Bill is black, tall, and stocky. Above is blue, while the below is white.

Blue Jay

A common bird that is varied and comparable to numerous different brown-streaked sparrows.

Song Sparrow

This widespread species occasionally visits bird feeders during the winter. This species spends the majority of the year in marshes.

Red-winged Blackbird 

Brought to North America in the late 1800s, they have spread throughout the continent, frequently at the expense of native cavity-nesting birds. 

European Starling

A charming, small bird with bright yellow summer plumage that is well-known to many. 

American Goldfinch 

The common Canada goose is well-known for its loud honking in metropolitan parks and massive flocks that soar above in the spring and fall.

Canada Goose

There are additional red finches, but these are the ones most commonly found in residential areas.

House Finch

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