Major Issues in Pisces-Leo Partnership

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Pisces can feel powerless and out of control while Leo feels humiliated and searches for remedies while making matters worse.

Leos expect their partners to follow them. Pisces are slow-moving and won't tolerate Leo's aggression.


If Leo can develop Pisces' originality and match Leo's enthusiasm, the Pisces/Leo relationship can overcome these challenges with patience and communication.

Being spiritual, passionate, and resilient, Pisces don't trust easily. Leo pushes Pisces to trust them, but they push back.

Trust Issues

Leo must show Pisces patience and assistance. Pisces must be faithful to Leo.

Leo-Pisces relationships must be equitable. Leo must learn to let Pisces lead sometimes, even though they want to "save" them.


Imagine not understanding each other's wants. In that instance, the Pisces will withdraw, making the Leo possessive.

The source of aggression in a Pisces-Leo relationship is a misunderstanding of each sign's behavior.

Aggressive Behavior

Pisces will feel protective if they are not understood or heard. If Leo believes Pisces is hiding from them, they may become envious and insecure.

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