Leo-Pisces Psychological Connection

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A Pisces-Leo partnership is ideal. The couple is most emotional. Leos quarrel, while Pisces shut down.

Leo pushes and opens Pisces, balancing and complementing them. Pisces-Leo are compatible.

Leos are natural leaders who can handle most situations, and Pisces are deeply connected to the world.

Common Traits

Pisces and Leos are adventurous and optimistic. Even when insulted, Leos are brave, resilient, and ambitious.


Pisces are compassionate listeners who believe in hope and goodwill for all living things, like Leo.

Leos and Pisces are curious and generally inventive.


Leos' curiosity varies from Pisces' in that if they're hooked on a concept, they'll pursue it until the finish.

Pisces are curious and want to know how others work because of their emotional susceptibility and intuition.

Both star signs want love and can be clingy. Leo seeks attention, but Pisces does not.

Desire To Be Loved

Leos do not allow their spouse to doubt their devotion, and they are infamous for grandiose and audacious displays of affection.

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