How to Make 2023 The Best Year With Your Cat

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1. Work hard, play harder

When cats engage in play, they imitate their natural instinct to prey. In addition to allowing your cat to express their natural role.

In continuation of the previous resolution to engage more, the second resolution is to get in shape. 

2. Get in shape

Eliminate ennui and reduce the likelihood of your cat becoming destructive.

3. Enrich the home environment

Prepare to spread out some scrumptious and nutritious homemade treats for felines. 

4. Master new recipes together

5. Brush those pearly whites

When was the most recent time you actually brushed your cat's teeth? Dental hygiene is vital to your cat's overall health.

Develop the habit of daily waste collection to maintain cleanliness and prevent aromas.

6. Commit to cleaning the litter box

Cats can be taught a variety of impressive behaviors, such as high-fiving and coming when called.

7. Teach your cat a new trick

Certain breeds are more likely to embrace such principles than others.

The cost of microchipping a pet can be as low as twenty dollars if you search around.

8. Get your cat microchipped

If your cat has not been microchipped, contact your veterinarian or your local animal shelter or pet store. 

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