How to Be Happier, based on Your Zodiac

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Aries: Take the lead

Aries are natural leaders, so they're happiest when they get to be in command,


demonstrate their pioneering energies, and fully follow their impulses.

Taurus: Start a meaningful collection

As a terrestrial sign, Taurus is attracted to security and stability. 


Thus, it should not come as a surprise that for this sign to be at its happiest.

Gemini: Have deep conversations

This sign is never at a loss for words and always has the most entertaining stories to share with an audience.


And, surprise, surprise, the air sign flourishes because of this gift. 

Cancer: Strengthen your relationships

Staying in touch with family members or constructing a warm home will make Cancer feel emotionally fulfilled," adds Simmons.


Cancer is associated with the moon, home, and family, hence persons with Cancer as their zodiac sign are often happiest when they are emotional.

Leo: Let go of pride

As the zodiac sign associated with the most joy, Leo makes happiness a prerequisite.


And because it already has a firm happy base, the heavenly lion may focus its attention even more on happiness.

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