Down to Earth Zodiac Sign

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Despite their determination, Capricorns are friendly and helpful at work.

They'll be demanding yet rational in helping others because their ultimate goal is success.


Virgos are the zodiac's perfectionists, like Capricorns. They simply pressure themselves.

They're "modest to a fault" and prefer to blend in. They'll listen well and remember what you say.


"They despise show-offs and attention seekers, not because they're recluses." They're quiet and glad to let others shine.

Cancers are trustworthy and devoted friends. If you're sad, they'll listen, give advice, or cook you a meal. 


Aries are autonomous and don't need anyone. This confidence makes them seem friendly and low-key. 

They may have a temper, but they don't worry about others' opinions or faults.


Libras are well-balanced and levelheaded. This sign, symbolized by the scales of justice, can stay calm and moderate. 

Libras typically appear constrained since they're busy taking in what's going on around them.

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