Do Pisces and Leo Make a Good Match

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Passionate, emotional relationships can make blunders. Leo and Pisces are soulmates who may learn a life lesson or find a lifelong partner.

Pisces is one of the most empathetic and patient signs, which Leo might take for granted and push too far.

Emotional Compatibility

Both signs are passionate and sensitive, but their behaviors and vulnerabilities can produce emotional incompatibility.

A Leo-Pisces connection is one of those romance movie relationships you want in every friendship.

Friendship Compatibility

Kindness, loyalty, support, and admiration grow the friendship.

Leo and Pisces teach each other to express their wants by wanting to be more empathic and in control, respectively.

Jealousy and possessiveness are Pisces/only Leo's issues.

Pisces become possessive and manipulative if their friendship is threatened. Leo will compete if Pisces is developing stronger relationships.

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