Dark Secret Behind Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken

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In the majority of supermarket stores, a complete raw chicken costs more than its roasted counterpart.

A finished supper that does not need to be cleaned, stuffed, seasoned, or roasted at home appears to be a much better value for,

shoppers who are pressed for time, savings aside. Why then are rotisserie chickens so cheap?


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It turns out there is a secret behind your pre-roasted chicken.

The golden, juicy rotisserie chickens found in grocery shops are frequently the unsold raw chickens that are ready to expire.

By selling them at a cheaper price, grocery retailers earn less than they would on raw birds, but far more than if they simply threw them away.

Repurposing unsold items is a popular practise at supermarket stores.

To reduce food waste, vegetables and meat are frequently added to prepackaged salads and deli products, 

according to supermarket consultants. Even unsold rotisserie birds are cut up and used to creamy chicken salad!

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