Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Aries: Golf, Martial Arts.

For an Aries, it's all about putting your skills to the test through a challenging exercise.

2. Taurus: Running, Hiking.

Taurus; perhaps working out is not your favorite activity in the world. You are someone who craves comfort and new sensory experiences.

3. Gemini: Tennis, Sprinting.

 It's a surefire (and scientifically proven) way for anyone to get motivated, but it's especially effective for your social sign.

4. Cancer: Pilates, Core Exercises, Yoga

Cancer, you have a tendency to let your emotions control you, which is why you need a meditative practice to keep you centered. 

5. Leo: Dance Cardio, Ballet Barre, Zumba

Leos enjoy the stage and the limelight, so a dance class, Zumba class, or Ballet Barre would be right up your alley. 

7. Virgo: Pilates, Tennis, Yoga

Virgos will appreciate a Pilates class that incorporates meditation or yogic stretching; you need those few moments to quiet your analytical mind and simply be.

A team sport satisfies Libras' need to connect and relate to others in a cohesive manner.

8.Libra: Soccer, Flag Football, Team Sports

9. Scorpio: Boxing, CrossFit

 This is why we thrive on workouts that push us to our absolute limits, and boxing does just that; it's also excellent for battling mental demons.

10.Sagittarius: Hiking

Boxing and CrossFit are activities associated with the sign of Scorpio.Let's face it, from one Scorpio to another: we can be a bit intense. 

11. Capricorn: Long Distance Running, Rock Climbing

You enjoy physically demanding and emotionally uplifting activities, a combination that helps you silence your inner critic.

12. Aquarius: Bicycling.

Capricorns are frequently the first to discover a solution, and you can rest assured that when they do, they'll assume the lead position at the table. 

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