Best Cookies in America

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1. Handmade Oreo

Its version resembles a whoopie pie in that it is soft, spongy, and filled with delicious creams.

2. Compost Cookie

The compost cookie is comprised of chocolate and butterscotch chips, graham cracker crumbs, oats, potato chips.

3. Confetti Cookie

The Confetti Cookie, a favorite among Chicago's stroller set, is sweet, buttery, and completely Instagrammable. 

4. Chocolate Mint Cookie

Mint-flavored pastries may be tricky: if prepared improperly, they can taste a lot like toothpaste.

5. Coconut Macaroons

The traditional cooking methods of a colonizing nation have been creatively combined to produce a whole new dish known as phaal curry.

6. Ginger Molasses

This Portland bakery with floor-to-ceiling windows is always lovely, especially with a cup of tea and a chewy, spicy Ginger Molasses cookie in hand.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie

It's a perfect rendition of a perfect cuisine, with crispy edges, a soft, buttery center,

8. Chocolate Chili Cookies

We adore the chocolate-chili cookies, which are essentially oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies with a very spicy bite.

9. Bakedwich Sanwich Cookie

Nothing on the menu can go wrong, but our favorite is the bakedwich: chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream wrapped in chocolate chips.

10.Gingerbread Cookie

Sugar is renowned for its exquisite, custom-made layer cakes. Yet, its cookies should not be neglected. 

11. Salted Chocolate Buckwheat Cookie

Adding whole-grain flour to its chocolate cookies, a decision we would never normally recommend.

12. Dark Chocolate Lavender Macarons

It is evident that the founders of this San Antonio bakery met while working at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery.

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