Best Beaches in the US in 2023

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Considering Malibu, California, is more of a city than a beach, this coastal area is well-known in a state that is already renowned for its abundance of exceptional beaches.


Siesta Beach Overhead view of the pristine sands and green waters of Siesta Beach in Florida, which is featured in an article on the top beaches in the United States.

Siesta Beach

A couple walks hand-in-hand along one of the nicest beaches in the United States, Cannon Beach in Oregon, which is known for its unique rock formations.

Cannon Beach

Miami Beach is a vibrant and bustling location with remarkably multicultural neighborhoods and thriving nightlife.

Miami Beach

Florida will appear frequently on our list since its beaches are so exceptional. Nonetheless, Key West should be considered for any vacation. 

Key West

Pfeiffer Beach is located within the Los Padres National Forest, which is located among the rugged Big Sur region. It is most crowded around the new year. 

Pfeiffer Beach

Another of Hawaii's lesser-known beaches, Kailua Beach Park is a huge region on the Windward side of the island of Oahu. The beach is sufficiently large and lengthy for lounging.

Kailua Beach Park

Driftwood can be found on beaches all around the world, but in Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia, the size and quantity are unparalleled.

Driftwood Beach

The beach is generally safe for swimming, surfing, and similar activities, so you shouldn't be too concerned. Cape Cod is one of the top beaches in the country for those who prefer milder climes.

Cape Cod

These seas are not suitable for surfing, but they are ideal for swimming. Even better, it is in close proximity to all of the other entertainment venues in the Pacific Northwest's premier metropolis.

Golden Gardens Park

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