8 Easy Ways to Improve Mental Health Of Cat

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1. Provide a Solid Routine

Even though there are times when we must travel or adjust our schedules, your cat will feel more at ease if they know what to expect.

Although cats are domesticated, many of their untamed instincts remain. 

2. Give Your Cat Outlets

Cats are naturally cautious; after all, it's a perilous world for a feline! Not only are cats predators.

3. Provide Safe Space

They are adorable and plush! However, cats can be extremely touch-sensitive and generally prefer frequent.

4. Be Gentle With Your Cat

5. Clean the Kitty Litter Box

Cats are by nature meticulous! Most cats are self-cleaning, so they do not require bathing.

Cats are adept at hiding when they are ailing, but pain and illness can threaten their health. 

6. Maintain Your Cat’s Physical Health

Similarly to how exercise can help humans combat melancholy and anxiety, getting your cat moving can also benefit them.

7. Provide Daily Interactive Playtime

Too many cats spend too much time on the sofa, but just five to ten minutes of interactive play per day.

Even though cats slumber frequently, they shouldn't sleep all day! When cats become bored and frustrated, irritating.

8. Prevent Boredom

We can prevent boredom by providing our cats with a variety of entertaining activities.

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