12 Foods You Should Try At Least Once

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1. Lardo

Consume it similarly to other charcuterie, with crusty bread and pickles, or incorporate it into pasta or use it as a pizza topping.

2. Razor clams

Two razor shells stacked While the common clam has a heart-shaped shell, razor clams have tubular shells and contain significantly more flesh. 

3. Laverbread

Welsh laverbread is a flavorful seaweed dish that is only produced in the land of the leek due to its protected status. 

4. Goji berries

Gojis can be consumed fresh from the package or mixed with nuts, but they can also be sprinkled on cereal or used in baking.

5. Tripe

if you borrow a page from the Italians' book and serve it in a rich tomato sauce or deep-fried in breadcrumbs with a pungent green sauce.

6. Wild garlic

Similar to spinach, it can be blended into soups, wilted as a side dish, or eaten fresh in salads. It also makes a delicious pesto.

7. Truffles

If you find the diamond ring of the culinary world, carve it into pasta, risotto, or scrambled eggs.

8. Dulce de leche

Purchase it in cans or jars and use it as a cake filling or topping, in mousse, chocolates, or cheesecakes, or simply eat it with a utensil.

9. Kimchi

Make a quantity of kimchi to accompany your bibimbap-style rice bowl if you're attempting this dish at home. 

10. Chia seeds

These tiny spheres, roughly the size of poppy seeds, are filled with nutrients, including an abundance of omega-3, calcium, and protein.

11. Wagyu beef

Japanese wagyu beef, considered to be some of the finest meat in the world, originates from specific breeds of cow. 

12. Supergrains

Supergrains, which are lauded for their health benefits, are a nutritious alternative to pasta, rice, and bread.

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